One of my all time favorite TV shows is coming to an end tommorow night and I am not sure what to do about it. The Closer might be your typical crime drama but what makes it special is Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson played by the wonderful Kyra Sedgwick. It doesnt hurt that in real life she is married to Renn McCormack (aka Kevin Bacon.) She brings complete authenticity to the role of a women in a male dominated field and owns it. I mean she really owns it! Chief Johnson can get just about anyone to admit to murder, while keeping a stash of chocolate in her desk drawer for stress relief. I am so nervous to see how they wrap up 8 seasons of such strong character development. I will really miss seeing Kyra each week in such an empowering female role. Thank you Kyra for giving us Brenda Leigh for as long as you have. Your Outstanding Actress Emmy award is deserved many times over. Do you have any favorite female lead characters that inspire you? 

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