Number Nine:

He cries during Braveheart. He will probably kill me for saying this but it
still gets him every time. And when it gets him, it gets me. Because I love a
man who can show his emotions. He should be as proud of this as I am.

Number Eight:
He really meant "In sickness and health." I have Crohns Disease. This disease
can be gross, seeing as it deals with GI area of the body, if you know what I
mean. He's seen parts of my body I am not sure other husbands have seen on their
wives. (Too much information? Maybe, but it's the truth.) I had a few flare-ups
with this nasty disease while we were dating and he still asked me to marry him.
He has been trying to invent a way to transplant my intestines for some of that metal plumbing piping
but just hasn't figured out a way yet.

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