Is this sad? I recently tried to give up Starbucks and on my way to work, when I passed the Starbucks, I looked to see if the line was long and got slightly jealous of the people in the drive-thru. Starbucks is like my drug dealer. They have this special now that if you bring in your receipt from the morning, after 2 pm you can get an iced drink for $2.  Here, they say, you are already addicted and need the cup with the green straw in the morning, but why not stop back on your way home for a little more fun too? This is sooo not helping me with my goal of getting in the best shape of my life, especially when I ask for a Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel. I never thought of asking for extra caramel until one day I heard someone else say it in front of me. Curses to that person! So yesterday I finally 10 am I had a major headache. Just go get one, my co-worker says, you know you want one and it's not worth the headache. See...I have enablers too. Like I said, my name is Holly and I am addicted to Starbucks.


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