For my 40th birthday I want a pair of kick-ass cowboy boots (amoung a hundred other things!) I have never had a pair and a little worried about how these old feet will be able to handle them. But from what I hear, once you have them broke in, they feel just like slippers. And it's not like I'll be out on the range and riding horses or anything. (That does sound fun though!) I'll probably sport them with a cute ruffle skirt while I am out going to garage sales.  How in the world will I ever be able to decide when there are so many cute boots to pick from? Some of my favorites....  Comment below by voting for you favorite!
The boot above can be found at $549.00.  Cheaper than our Y membership!

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

The above boot can also be found at www.allensbootscom
The boot above is also found at for $499. They really have some beauties over there in Texas!
$399 also from
Found at  $549
Dear Lord, how will I ever choose? Allens Boots have the loveliest boots I have ever seen! Cash and/or checks gladly accepted for my boot fund! 

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