Hubby and I stopped at Pet Land last week and found the most adorable English Golden Retriever puppy. English Golden's are more white than red. He was so playful and had the perfect bad puppy breath. Can you believe they wanted $1300 for him? We put the poor thing back in its cage as the sales clerk tried to negotiate our hearts into buying him. We went home to sulk & miss him for the rest of the week. We talked about rescuing him from the tragic store, debated whether he came from a puppy mill (most likely?) and how we could ever afford to pay that much. After much thought, we decided not to get him, as I really am not a fan of buying from those stores and have just heard too many horror stories.  A few years ago, a former co-worker let me know that her neighbor had Golden puppies if I was interested. These are people who love Goldens as much as we do and even connected us to our current Golden, Ace. At the time, Hubby and I were not really ready for a new dog so we passed. I thought...why not e-mail the former co-worker (who I hadn't talked to in maybe a year?) and just check in to see if her neighbor by chance would be breeding her Golden again anytime soon. The very next day I got an e-mail saying they had just had puppies and there were only 2 left! She sent us pictures and OMG so cute! I immediately called the neighbor and reserved one! It's a miracle and ment to be! I feel like I just learned we are having a baby or I crazy? Without pets are my babies, so sue me!  I'll be putting up a survey soon so you can help us decide on a name. If you don't like puppies, be sure NOT to visit my blog in the upcoming weeks...I'll be posting lots of baby every new mother should!

Pam Duffy
08/05/2011 4:20pm

Michell's neighbor?! Awesome! Can't wait for future blogs. Love puppy breath!


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