Well, here in Ohio it has decided to snow again! Can we please just get past this! I only like the first snow of the season and then snow at Christmas. Then it can go on it's merry way. I've had enough. For some reason, this winter has been a long, cold, drawn out, depressing one for me. Question Time!  What do you do when you feel trapped, confined, depressed, in a funk and ready to break free from this ugly, frigid, non forgiving season? Please share some helpful hints because without some sun or warm temps...this lady here is gonna lose it!  PS. On a lighter note :) Thank you so much for all the supportive comments. They mean the world to me and DO help me get through these cold dark days of winter...even though it's technically spring...but in Ohio it's still winter...really.

03/30/2011 4:06pm

I don't know. I need some help myself no more snow! I think next year I am going to get one of those lights that simulate the sun.

03/30/2011 6:29pm

Well...I don't think this will help you any but I like to shop and eat. Also, hanging out with some good friends always helps.

03/31/2011 3:12am

The best Ohio winter I ever had was the year I went to the Bahamas in February! It was such a nice break from the winter blues. A less expensive option would be bus tours that go south for a short period. Hang in there, winter is almost over:)

03/31/2011 4:49pm

I put on my warm warm clothes and go for a long walk with the pup. We pretend it's warm. It's actually not too bad to walk outside in the snow if you are dressed appropriately (I wear ski clothes and snow boots). :)

03/31/2011 4:57pm

hey Just borrow Michael for a day and that should wear you out and let you forget about the cold weather.


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