My most amazing grandmother, Dorothy Mae Schlairet Kempton, otherwise known as MomMom, will turn 94 on April 15. Born in 1917 (1917!!!) in Mt. Vernon, Ohio to Mary Margaret Denni
 (who came to the States from Germany) and EA Schlairet.
MomMom married my Pop (Elmer Sylvester Kempton) on August 8th, 1939 and they were married for nearly 60 years (60 years!!!) before he passed away in May of 1999 (Miss you Pop.)  They have 8 children together (and too many grandkids, great grandkids, and great-great grandkids to count!)
Last year I had a charm made with MomMom's fingerprint. We had an interesting time getting it done. First I had to boil a little dab of wax, and then MomMom would push her finger on it before it cooled completely. We did a few takes before we got it just right.  I then sent it away and got this amazing piece of jewelry (the picture doesn't do it justice.) I can always keep MomMom close to my heart!  I have always been amazed by her strength and ability to make me feel loved, even when I made mistakes in my life. I put this post up before her birthday in hopes that you'll help me out...If you are feeling oh-so generous with your time...I would love for you to send her a birthday card. Her address is:
Dorothy Kempton 303 1/2 East Hamtramck St.  Mt. Vernon, OH 43050. 
Happy 94th Birthday MomMom. You are loved.

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