Well, as most of you know, an era has come to an end. Oprah signed off after 25 years on the air yesterday. I know most people claim to be fans, and I am one of them. When Oprah was on the cover of Vogue when I was in college, I framed it and hung it in my bedroom. My biggest desire was to go to an Oprah show taping.  Years back, I came across a spot on her website for “last minute e-mail reservations” to the Oprah show. I immediately freaked out and sent an email stating how much I would love to see a taping. A few days later I received a call from “The Oprah Show” asking if I was available for a taping in Chicago in just 2 days. After a few thoughts of “Is this really Oprah calling?” I told them I would be there for sure! Now, getting my husband to go with me was another story. For some reason he was not the least bit interested in a road trip to Chicago to see one of the most famed women in the world. How crazy is that? No matter how much I pleaded and begged he was not in to it! So my sister and I made the trip.  Our show was with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law sharing their new movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. The show required us to attend a free viewing of the movie the night before at a local movie theatre. The energy was high and we felt like MVP’s as our names were on a special list and the producers of Oprah pepped us up before the movie. The next day was the big event. We went early to the studios and stood in line outside. When they finally started letting everyone in, the excitement was uncontrollable. I was almost in tears. It is always interesting to hear about people getting Oprah “tickets.” From my experience, they have never given tickets. It is all done by reservation. When we finally made it up to the front desk, security verified our ID with our name on a list and we were allowed to go in. Up a flight of stairs, hundreds of excited women were put in a holding area until we could go in the studio. On the wall were photos of the many celebrity guests and on televisions played past episodes. Suddenly we noticed something odd occurring. Certain people were being asked to come into the studio before others. Women started talking and wondering “Hey I was in line before them, why did they get to go ahead.” Finally those of us left were able to go into the studio and find a seat where we wanted. The others who had gone in earlier were strategically place near the front of the stage & random spots around the studio.  My heart was beating. We found seats and got comfortable. Each seat had a full box of tissues underneath. These people knew what they were doing! Finally a woman comes out to get us pumped up about the show (Like we weren’t already!) She encouraged us to yell and clap loud for the guests, especially for Oprah (like that would be hard) and as well when they introduce the movie. (So when you see audience members act like they just adored the move, note they are prompted to do so!)  So I thought the movie sucked…do you even remember that movie? But I appreciated the free viewing and Oprah opportunity! Something to cross of my bucket list!  Oprah's energy and glow is even brighter in person. Just being in her presence was something I will never forget! Everyone always asks me if I got anything when I went to Oprah. Gwyneth did make some fish and we got to try it but that was it. It was never about getting any thing; it was all about the experience of seeing Oprah in person. The Kleenex did come in handy! What is most amazing about this is that I was able to go to Chicago TWO MORE TIMES for last minute tapings! And guess what…those next 2 times me or someone I went with became the “chosen ones’ and were escorted in early and given good seats. We attribute it to the very cute and bright clothes we spent hours debating on wearing. They encourage you to not wear white/cream (it doesn’t look good on camera.) I faintly remember the guest on the show that time, a woman who changed her life and wrote a book or something? the other episode was with Lisa Ling and gang life I think? We hit the lottery again when the audience was asked if we could stay for a last minute additional show taping with Jay Leno and amazing kids. (Gretchen…please help me if my memory has gotten any of this wrong?)  My friend Gretchen was my go-to gal for the second and third road trips to Chicago.  Dear Oprah, I will miss you (but I still get your magazine delivered religiously every month.) Thank you for being a ray of light in this every saddening world! You inspire Love, your biggest fan, Holly.


05/26/2011 4:08pm

I thought it was one of the greatest last minute trips Holly!

05/26/2011 4:31pm

Yep you got it all right, the gang life had Lisa Ling and a few women who spent a couple days in prison and then the next one was Rick Warren and My Purpose Driven Life, plus a lady who had used the book to get her kidnapper to release her. We also saw Jay Leno that trip too. Those times were so much fun. Even if we never won anything!

05/27/2011 7:36am

That is a nice farewell to Oprah Holly. I now wish I would have went with you on one of those ocassions just so we would have had that memory together. Love Ya!


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