Well, I am not off to a good start! Shopping at Whole Foods (or Whole Paycheck, as Matt likes to call it because prices are so high!) sure was an experience yesterday. I felt like I was in Spain again, shopping at the grocery store and having no clue what I was doing. I did not recognize anything on the shelves, it was packed full of people and I felt really out of place!  I couldn't find half the things I needed and felt really silly asking some guy where the tofu was. And by the way, tofu looks really yucky in the package and I didnt know it was refrigerated. The whole thing really wore me out, so on the way home I stopped at City Barbeque and got a pulled pork sandwich with mac-n-cheese and corn casserole! Hey, I thought, one last celebratory meal before I begin!
So today I began...still feeling a little overwhelmed with what I can and can't eat, my enthusiasm has already started to waiver. Started off good with breakfast, then went to a birthday party (Shout out: Happy 19th Birthday Angel!) and had shredded chicken sandwiches and birthday cake. Yum. So... day one: complete failure. There is always day two.

05/01/2011 5:59pm

You can do this Holly! You don't have to be perfect and if this cleanse was easy the rewards would not be as great. YOU CAN DO IT!


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