I love bacon. Sometimes on Sundays I will make a special breakfast for the hubby... bacon and eggs. I love sprinkling brown sugar over the bacon before I put it in the oven. Yes, the oven. I learned that sugar/oven trick from Rachel Ray. But something I never thought of was that yummy bacon grease with bits of yummy in it. A few years back while tail gating at OSU stadium early in the morning, I watched someone put some of that yummyness into the scrambled eggs as they were cooking.  Now I do this every time. It just adds a little extra yummy to them. It's Sunday, there's bacon and eggs (with some bacon drippings for flavor) and the Sunday paper. Have a Yummy-Bacon-Blessed day!

07/30/2012 3:17pm

I'm glad Anna can't read yet. She is a huge bacon fan. I'm going to have to do that for Anthony next week on his week off.

07/31/2012 3:44pm

I tend to cook bacon in the oven too. I then save the drippings and put them in containers to freeze. You can even put them in ice cube trays if you have a spare. I then will pop out some of the grease to add flavor to refried beans, stocks, canned soups, casseroles. The possibilities are endless.


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