One thing I am trying to do this year is visit new places to eat. Columbus has such a wonderful assortment of good food! The Hamburger Inn in Delaware has been our go-to when craving a hot, juicy, good ol' fashioned homemade burger. Well…The Hamburger Inn has just moved to second place. Why? Matt and I visited Graffiti Burger in Dublin this weekend. All I can say is they get my first YUM-YUM Award! I had a turkey burger cooked to perfection with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. Matt had a hamburger with bacon and bbq sauce. I knew he loved it because he was moaning as he ate it! As we enjoyed our meal we debated on whether The Hamburger Inn was still our number one. The Inn has old school ambiance and the fries are about the same as Graffiti (old fashioned fair fries!), but the winner came out…Graffiti Burger! The burgers were just perfection and I loved that I had an option for a turkey burger. The big buns were toasted perfectly and the toppings were very fresh, crisp and piled high. If you love hamburgers (or turkey burgers,) you gotta try Graffiti Burger. One small note: within the 45 minutes we were there, they forgot to give someone their fries, forgot another customer’s milkshake and refunded another customer for some unknown reason. They might try fixing who does what on the line so a customer doesn't get forgotten. But given that, the staff was very friendly and willing to fix any mistake quickly. Thank goodness they got ours right! My Yum-Yum Award is based on the food for the most part. It was on the expensive side for burgers but ohh so worth it for the taste!
Food Rating: Yum! Yum!
Service Rating: Thumb (Thumbs up: great service, Thumbs down:poor service, Thumb: average service)
Wallet Size needed: Fat Wallet (It was $20 for 2 burgers, a regular basket of fries and 2 drinks.)
Graffiti Burger
Kroger Marketplace Center
7561 Sawmill Road
Dublin, OH 43017
p. (614) 734-1008
f. (614) 734-1012
SUNDAY  11 AM - 9 PM
Be on the lookout for more Yum Yum Awards. Have you tried any new eats latley?


05/09/2012 8:34pm

I would have to say the best burger I've had lately is Twisted Root Burger. Very eclectic and fun music playing. Have everything to put on a burger you can imagine with also turkey, vegetarian, and bison choices. Great fries or my favorite sweet potato chips. And the best thing ever is their homemade rootbeer. The original one is in Deep Ellum area in Dallas, but if you don't want to see piercings, tattoos and colorful hair, a tamer crowd can be found at sevral newer locations.


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