Welcome to my blog! I wanted an outlet to share with you my creative endeavors, life passions & frustrations and quirky moments. I feel like I go through life half the time feeling quite lost...then just a moment later feeling completely in control and found again. I am so glad I found my husband and he found me. I am hoping to lose some of my shopping addictions (but not all of them right?) I love finding lost items at tag sales and giving them a new home with me, as well as giving or selling my own things at Goodwill or consignment shops. My dream is to one day open my own little store called Lost and Found, where I sell new and used items for the home and spirit. Welcome to Lost and Found!

03/29/2011 3:17pm

Welcome to the blogging world : )

03/29/2011 4:39pm

Yeah! Can't wait to hear more of your musing :)

03/30/2011 6:39am

I think we all have those lost and found moments. Holly, you never cease to amaze me! You are a wonderfully talented and loving young woman with so much to share with this world!

Dad Kemmer
03/30/2011 6:53am

good luck Shrimpo.........

03/30/2011 10:25am

Way to GO FOR IT, Hollyberry! You are an inspiration to other wannabe writers!

You go, Girl!


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