This is our hanging basket we have on our front porch. looks a little pathetic but we still think it's pretty (and my picture is sideways.)  I water it religiously and try to dead head it as much as possible... until recently.  I was picking away, spinning it, watering it and all of a sudden a bird came flying out of it and scared the #$% out of me! She flew into the grapevine tree in the corner of our porch and then went flip, flopping into the street.  I have named this crazy bird Waldo.
Can you find Waldo in this picture? Yeah...I couldn't either when I had my hands all up in her grill.
After I perched up on the rocking chair and peaked in, I saw a beautifully crafted nest with 2 precious white eggs in it. Waldo wasn't crazy after all, she was just trying to protect her babies. She did pick an interesting spot, seeing as we have 2 Golden Retrievers coming and going in the front door every day and Ruby is known as "Bird Killer" around these parts. But we've tried to give her some peace and quiet. I didn't get a picture of the eggs because Waldo was having a heart attack while I inspected the nest and I didn't want her to die from stress and leave the unborn babies.  I'll keep you posted on how things progress with Waldo.

06/20/2012 3:58am

How sweet! Much better than the squirrel and raccoon trying to make permanent residence inside the walls of our house...

06/28/2012 6:48pm

I don't think you should be standing on rocking chairs Holly! Even for Waldo! LOL A little bird told me that could be dangerous.


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