Take a moment to vote for your favorite puppy name. If you also leave a comment as to what name you chose and why you chose it AND your name is the name we pick for our new puppy ...you will WIN a bag of Ace's Bones for Crohns. These are homemade organic doggy treats made by me and shipped to you but ONLY if you pick the name we decide on and leave a comment. GOOD LUCK!

08/17/2011 7:16pm

I like Roxie because Roxie Muster just sounds SO cool! Say it a few times... Roxie Muster, Roxie Muster, Roxie Muster... see? Told you it was cool! :)

08/18/2011 7:28pm

I like Chance because, to me, the chance that this little puppy got you guys as it's family is a wonderful thing!! Sometimes, chances are that pups don't always end up in such a loving home as this little one has. Enjoy!

08/21/2011 10:49am

I think Roxie is so cute and fun for a name plus it gives her some heritage since it came from her breeder. Plus Ace and Roxie pair up nicely.


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