I used to be addicted to magazines. I loved the paper, the tight spine of an unopened mag and the enjoyment of flipping through glossy pages. Once I got my Kindle Fire though, I haven't been reading much outside of my little hand held friend. Each day, another magazine would be delivered and I would add it to my stack of things to get too. After a while, it sort of stressed me out that I had this pile of lovely magazines to read. I knew I had to get to them sometime and it would be sacreligious to pass them on without reading them first. I would get through one and then another one would come. So I am finally determined to get through my stack and actually read them.  Many of them I get for free from www.hip2save.com. I won't turn down a free magazine subscription! Because of that I've decided not to renew any of my subscriptions that require me to spend money.Here are some of my favorite magazines...
Better Homes and Gardens

Source: google.com via News on Pinterest

Country Living
The Oprah Magazine


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