Currently I am reading a book called “Behind the Beautiful Forevers.” I think the title is so poetic. It really got me thinking about book titles and how they can pull you in or turn you off. I always get a wonderful feeling when I am in the middle of a book and suddenly get a connection to the title and why the author chose it. Other times I have read a book and was never able to connect the title to its content! Has that ever happened to you? Is it a coincidence that some of my favorite book titles are also some of my favorite books? I would love to hear some of your favorite book are some of mine. 
Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Izzy Willy-Nilly by Cynthia Voigt
Go the F**K to Sleep by Adam Mansbach
The title of the last book has caused a lot of commotion! If you havent't heard about it, check it our on Amazon. Coming up on Friday, a great and easy spring recipe and a crazy story to go with it!


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