Well, let's face it...I am getting older. There's only a
few more years (literally) that I can say I am a "thirtysomething" in that
little column to the right there. I've been debating about what goals I want to
reach before I turn the big 4-0 (be out of debt for one) and what magnificant
  way I can celebrate (get a tattoo for another.) I already have a tattoo on my
  ankle...yes the proverbial location for all cute little tattoos girls get. I
  was 19 and went to a big, hairy guy who had a tattoo studio in a run down old
building in my hometown. Scary I know...but I have no diseases or infections
related to that moment in time, so I am good. I don’t regret it one bit. A
little holly leaf on my ankle. I've never met another person with one like mine.
So now, as I approach forty, I am considering getting another one. It must be as
personal as my first one...no butterfly tramp stamp or ancient foreign languages
for me. I suggested my hubby and I get one together, as we will be celebrating
our 10 year anniversary next year. No...He says. His mom has a thing about her
  children not having any piercings or tattoos. And my husband loves his mom 
(as I do) and wont consider it.
 I guess you gotta respect a man who respects his momma.
Question Time: What are your thoughts on tattoos, should I get one and
  what should it be?


06/27/2011 4:59pm

The big, hairy guy was Earnie! I am quite in shock that you are considering another tattoo. One tattoo tastefully placed and designed, and to a respectable scale is plenty. I am not suggesting you be an ostrich like me on my 40th, buried as deep as I could get under a mountain of blankets! lol I am merely suggesting a hot air balloon ride, or some other out of the ordinary activity. If you must do the tattoo you could always do a little decoration around the existing one......and/or add mom's name!!!!! (just kidding)

06/27/2011 5:28pm

Go for it. When I was 16 I wanted a tattoo of a butterfly. I never got it and don't regret it, it would have been to generic. However, that doesn't mean I wouldn't or won't someday. I kinda like how Jennifer Aniston recently honored her doggie with a tattoo. I have heard of others who have had tattoo's to recognize lost loved ones as well. I kinda like that idea of something small and personal that means something to you.


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