Sorry it has been a while since I have posted, my friends. I feel like so much has been going on lately I haven't had time to breathe!
Waldo came back and stuck it out this time around with her new babies. There are 2 in there, but the one you can't see must take after her Momma and stay hidden in broad day light only to scare me half to death when I peak my head in.
I launched my Scentsy business! If you don't know Scentsy, you should. I absolutelyy adore these wax burners and the wax bars smell amazing! I have the burners displayed on cake stands in the left of the photo for my Open House.  I really appreciate everyone who attended and everyone who has placed an order! Visit my website for more info
The Hubby and I refinanced our home. Guess we'll be here for a little while longer...still got lots to do before we move on to our dream home. Social Commentary: I have to say I really don't like big banks. You can be a customer for 15 years and they still treat you like a stranger. That's why for my business account I went to a credit union. Absolutley FREE if's and's or but's about it and the customer service was amazing.  

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No, that's not me up there silly! I wish! This picture has always been my inspiration for my short hair cut. Right now I am in desperate need of a cut and color. Holly, my hairdresser at Kenneth's at Polaris is AMAZING and does a miracle on me every time I go in. Unfortunatley, I haven't been in to see her in a while. HELP! That's what I do, it's a very bad habit, I wait until it looks so bad I can't stand it any more, and then go in. Holly is so nice about this bad habit too. It's actually very depressing because I can now view the multitude of grays that have taken over my head. I also have been trying to grow it out a little. Oh...what have I done! I need Holly on speed dial!

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The other day I was having a  no-good-terrible-very-bad day. I called the Hubby at work and asked what I should do. He said "Go get a drink and relax a little bit." I said "Can I get a new outfit instead?" He said "sure." and I said "You're the best Hubby ever." So I went to Gap and got a classic white button up shirt.

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And I also go this very cute short sleeved orange and tan sweater to wear over the white button down. I was happy once more. Yes, material things make me happy. I never admitted to being perfect now did I? Well, that's about it for an update. What's going on in your world? 

09/05/2012 6:31am

Congrats on the refinance! One thing at a time with the houses. I say that but I have a list of at least a dozen things for Anthony to do anytime now :)


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