You dial the phone and someone is there to greet you. You cry, you scream, you make no sense what’s so ever, you even hang up on that someone...then they turn around and do something as crazy as still love you. They pull through for you as you do them. You might not talk to another for weeks but you see them and they respond like no time has passed. Why? Because you need them and they need you. They get it, they understand. Trust has been built over time and that time earned gives way to a heart that is loved unconditionally. You forgive one another, take one another for granted, then not for granted, during the joys and the losses, argue, disagree, laugh and hope together. I have family and friends who are like family. Many people don't have that. I do. Thank you.


12/30/2011 5:13pm

Great info, thx


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