Mom and I visited The Rural Society Antique and Garden Show today in Mt. Vernon. Loved it! Found some goodies... mini pumpkins and gourds, a picture holder made out of a fork, framed mirror and glass cake stand. Love seeing creative women doing what they love! So inspiring!
Is this a real or stuff animal?
He's real.
There will be another show in May. (But I don't want you to go.) This show is like a little secret...parking was great, food wonderful, venders even better and no crowds to fight with.  Oh shoot, I just posted all this on my blog so you'll really want to go now! Here is a link to Warwick Farms and The Rural Society's website:
(The dog did give me permission to photograph him, as well as the other things that were so beautiful.)

10/18/2011 3:47am

Thank you for posting this! Great pictures!!

Pickin Chix
12/30/2011 4:17pm

The spring show is May 4& 5 and should be fabulous after the feature in March's issue of Country Living Magazine. see you there!


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