On New Year's Eve I sort of came across a little focus group about my blog. Well, really I just asked some of my friends and family what they thought about it. Some of the comments were:
1. I dont post often enough.
2. They loved what I did post.
My response was..."Well I'll be damned, I didnt even know you were reading my blog and I had no idea if people like what I posted or not. Why dont you comment?"  So, my conclusion is to encourage everyone to please leave comments with feedback! I want my blog to be a place to interact with people. I send things out into the great unknown, never knowing if it touches someone or if a recipe turns out really good or if I competly scare off people with my misspellings. Thank you to my friends who DO leave responses, like my blog posts on Facebook and/or email me their reactions to my posts. I read every one of them and they inspire me to continue. As a child, I wrote and published a sticker collecting newsletter that I sent to all of my penpals. This is the adult version of my childhood passion. I live out that love of creating, writting, and interacting with others here on this blog.  I have a lot to learn but I thank you for reading and responding. It means a lot to me! Let me know what you think!

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01/10/2012 9:06am

I love your blog. Thank you! :)

01/21/2012 3:06am

I like your blog!!! The shoes crack me up. :)


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