Well, I pulled out my shorts for the summer and bummer...none of them fit! I think last summer I avoided this feeling by only wearing capris.  Headed to the mall to try and find at least one pair of shorts that could last me through the summer and found...shorts are toooo short! No wonder I hate shopping for them. Even in the women's section...eek. I need to hide some of my pale, cellulite people. I don't want to scare small children. What is going on with this world? So, in honor of me trying to really get in shape this time...here are some summer outfit inspirations from pinterest...
Cute, but shorts are too short! I found similar adorable shoes at Target for $14.00!

Source: kykyta.info via Holly on Pinterest

Shorts too short again...uggg!
Really, again? Cute outfit but noo to the shorts!
The shorts above look a little bit longer.
See, you can look cute and not have show every single part of your leg. Leave some to the imagination ladies!

Source: i.imgur.com via Holly on Pinterest

And finally, just a reminder that I do not own any of these clothes, ahh if only I did!  Life might be a little easier in the mornings!

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