The winner of the Starbucks gift card is Pam! Pam would take her grandkids, iPad and Kindle if she was stuck on an island.  Pam also posted on Facebook about my blog & received an extra entry. Congratulations Pam. I am glad it goes to someone who loves Starbucks as much as I do. The gift card is in the mail! I have decided that maybe I am not such a big, bad-ass blogger after all. There were only 4 entries into the contest. Boo Hoo. After hearing I had over 200 blog hits the first week, I think my blogger-ego got a little too big for it's britches and little too quickly I started to think I was awesome.  Perhaps just one person checked my blog 200 times? My appreciation goes out to everyone who DIDN'T comment on my blog for putting me back in my place:)  


04/05/2011 5:00pm

Holly I think you can be to hard on yourself.

04/05/2011 5:33pm

Ah Holly don't be so hard on yourself and do you know how to check stats and that you can check page views and unique visitors.

04/05/2011 6:30pm

oh no! sorry I missed it! I love Starbucks! My mom read it, did she comment?

Pam Duffy
04/05/2011 8:28pm

While I sympathize with your low readership, that did increase my chances of getting a Starbucks card, so while sipping my coffee I will forward your blog to more friends so you will get more hits. I can be bribed with Starbucks cards to continue to increase your readership!


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