Have you ever been out in the world and saw someone famous? It's always fun to catch a celebrity when you least expect it. You get that quick adrenaline rush and take a second look. Is that really so & so? Nahh...well maybe...yes it is!  Some of my star sightings over the years...
-Susan Lucci in a Georgetown hotel when I was on an alternative spring break in DC.
-Angela Basset was on my flight from Cape Town, South Africa to Miami...she of course in first class.
-Denise Rodman and his entourage in Vegas.
-Various Columbus Blue Jackets players out at clubs in Columbus.
I would love to hear about any unexpected star sightings you have had. Leave a post and share!


06/15/2011 4:41am

Anthony and I set out on folding chairs and watched a meteor shower once when the girls were sleeping. It was very nice. I can't say I've ever gotten the chance to catch a celebrity in real life though.

Holly Lost and Found
06/27/2011 4:25pm

Oh Cristy! I just love you! Nothing better than watching shooting stars with the one you love!


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