Yummy! That's all I can say about this recipe. I lick the spoon and bowl every time. Easy! That's something else I can say about it.This recipe can be found pretty often in magazines every spring but I thought I would share the adventure my husband and I shared making this for Easter...
First, I had a completly different recipe in mind. But we didn't make it to the store until late Saturday night and couldn't find the things we needed. The store was a disaster area in preperation for Easter Sunday! So we decided to go with this yummy recipe. As you can see below, it takes 5 ingredients. I also use store brand whenever I can but always check the price. Sometimes name brand is on sale cheaper!
You'll need:
Prepackaged angel food cake
1 cup of Whipped topping, but I sometimes add more.
1 can of crushed pineapple in juice
1 box of vanilla flavored instant pudding mix
Fruit for topping
In a pretty pink bowl (just kidding) mix pudding mixture and pineapple, including juice. Once mixed, gently stir in whipped topping. YUM!
Slice the cake into 3 layers. You can put it on a cake stand but we cut it to fit a pretty truffle bowl that I got at a garage sale for $1.00. Score! A hairy arm is an absolute neccesity for this step.
Put one layer of the cake on your plate, gently add the yummy pineapple mixture, spreading it around. Add another cake layer and add more yummy goodness. Finally top it with strawberries or any other berry.
Beautiful! We were so proud of our teamwork and efforts! This baby had to travel about an hour to my in-laws house so I decided to hold it during the drive. Unfortunatley, my side of the car was in the sun the entire time, so I gently placed it on the floor between my legs. Let's just say it survived 50 minutes of the car drive. As my husband took the curve of the freeway exit at a speed unknown to man, I felt this beauty start to tip. As I went to grab it, my seatbelt locked up (Because of the slamming of the breaks as the husband realizes he is taking the curve way too fast. Did he just see the curve? Did he not know it was there after taking this exit a hundred times before? He had no answer for me.) Well, I couldn't reach our baby in time and it spilled right out of the nice glass truffle bowl and all over the bottom of the car floor, layer by pretty layer. Dog hair and dirt mixed in, it didn't look so yummy anymore. It was a complete failure, a lost cause. If I had had my blogger-hat on I would of thought to take a picture of it. Oh, how I long to have physical evidence of how bad a driver my husband is and be able to share it with the world! Glee! But I had my very-angry-back-seat-driver-wife hat on and could not stop pouting. My husband and I didn't speak for the entire Easter dinner. He cleaned the car floor without saying a word. Time has allowed us to laugh about it...how much we loved that cake, how well we worked together to make it, how good it would of tasted...maybe next Easter.

04/21/2012 8:23am

i have to tell you this looks really good, I have enjoyed reading roday your site and I think you should write a book about trips to in law! I would love to see both of you! Let me know!

patty chattin
04/22/2012 5:11pm



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