I love the Daisy. So simple, so pretty. I have daisies planted in the front of my house and I can see them peeping over the window cill from inside.  I promised my grandma I would name my first daughter after her, Dorothy Mae. I thought Daisy was a great nick name for Dorothy Mae. A perfect flower for "he loves me" "he loves me not." The Daisy isnt serious like the rose...just happy to be itself...a little bit country...a little bit feminine, a no nonsense kind of flower...maybe a little like me?


Pam Duffy
07/28/2011 4:22pm

ah Holly...you are a beautiful Daisy. I love carnations...any color will do. They smell wonderful, last a long time and are quite hardy. I don't grow them but will buy a boquet from time to time at the grocery store.


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