I went a little overboard with the crafting week, sorry about that...so much so that I even was tired of me! Well, I'm back because I need to vent. Today I got all of my hair cut off. I really like it short but everyone was telling me to grow it out so I was trying to but hated every second of it! I decided to do what makes me happy and made a trip to my wonderful hair dresser (Holly at Polaris Kenneths.)  I would go back and forth over whether to cut it or not, when all along deep down I knew I wanted it short. I love wearing big earings with my short hair! But my husband also likes it longer. Can you tell that today I am struggling with acceptance? I am 38 years old, so why do I still care very much about what other's think of me? Does anyone else ever feel that way? I thought when you got older you learn to love yourself more (or at least thats what Oprah said.) I am really learning to "bloom where I am planted" and accept myself...flaws and all...accept my body (my husband tells me I am beautiful all the time, why do I refuse to believe him?)...accept my freckles and arm-wings that have snuck up on me these last few years...accept the weight that has settled along my midsection (how is that possible when I havent had any kids or done anything differently to my body in years! oh wait...maybe that's the problem?) accept my age (I really can't believe my 20 year class reunion was last weekend...and no, I didnt go.) I am a work in progress. Thanks for listening to my ramblings.

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