Well, well, well...it has been quite an adjustment here at our household. Do you know how women who have given birth sometimes say that you forget the pain, that's the only way you would ever have another child? Well, I think I had the same thing happen to me with the whole idea of getting another puppy.  I'll call it puppy amnesia. I totally forgot how hard it is to have a puppy around the house who wants to chew EVERYTHING! When I get home from work I can no longer just sit and read a magazine or relax and surf the internet...if I did, then there would be more posts to my blog and lots of things in the house destroyed. Ruby better be glad she is so darn cute and has a great sense of humor because she did the traditional puppy bate-n-switch. She was so relaxed and easy going when we visited her at her previous home but as soon as we got her to our house ...CRAZEEE PUPPPPPPYY!  Also...not one person who left a comment for the puppy naming contest voted for the name we chose but with only 3 people leaving a comment...You ALL will win some puppy treats! Please send an e-mail to me with your address! (I think I have all of them but just want to make sure!) hollyberry1338@hotmail.com


Pam Duffy
08/28/2011 3:26am

i totally understand Holly. Sometimes all I want to do is sit down but can't leave these guys alone for a minute cause they would destroy even more stuff! But totally cute and it won't be for long...I hope! I just love dogs so much! How is your older dog handling the puppy! Ours have adapted better than I thought they might.


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