I need to hear from you! I have been quite melancoly lately and want to hear from you who read my blog. How has your day gone? What have you been up to? What inspires you? How do you stay positive? What beautiful things are you seeing in this world? Please leave me a comment! I need to hear from you!


11/18/2011 5:40pm

Sorry you have been down. Miss getting to hang with you and talk. One of these days we need to meet for coffee. Maybe we could get in on the Starbucks bogo deal and split the cost : ). It would make coffee almost normal price!

12/14/2011 5:45am

Loving the mild December weather. Constantly inspired by the little ways God shows his love, like a plate of chocolates left by a friend or a butterfly passing by. Staying positive by looking forward to better days or remembering how things worked out in other down times. I think that all of nature even rain and mud can make me smile. Also loving the people around me a lot lately. Knowing you and so many others are real and have real struggles yet press on gives me strength!


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