Recently I've felt a little disconnected from my husband. I expressed my feelings to him this morning. He didn’t have much to say but he did acknowledge he would work on connecting with me more, since I was feeling like I was in a slight funk lately. I get to work and not an hour later am called to the front desk for a "package." A bouquet of flowers had been delivered to me.  Little did I know he had ordered them yesterday...before I gave my little speech to him this morning.  I love that every rose has it's thorn and every night has it's dawn. (Yes, I did just quote the 80's hair band sue me.)  If it wasn’t for the cold, cloudy days, we wouldn't know to appreciate the warm, sunny ones.  And if everything went perfect all the time we wouln't know what hope was.  And hope is a beautiful thing, isn't it? 

03/31/2011 4:50pm

He's a keeper! :D

03/31/2011 4:56pm

This made me tear up!


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