Well, I’ve finally given up my specialty coffee addiction to help with my Crohn’s Disease. Can you believe I haven’t tried the Starbux Salty Caramel Mocha or Apple Crumble Latte? Oh how I want to!  Oh I do! I do! Sigh. Lord Help Me. But I have replaced this with an addiction to Starbux Salty Caramel Hot Chocolate. And this still costs money people! So I am trying to make my very own little concoctions that get me through the early morning hours at the office, sitting in front of the computer...

First you need a very special fancy mug preferably from Starbucks (that was given to you by a Secret Buddy at work.) A Starbux mug makes you feel like the liquid you are about to put in your mouth might really be Starbux. Then you need some Nestle Hot Cocoa mix in chocolate caramel flavor or Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Sensations. Can’t forget the whip cream out of a can from Wally-Mart with your name on it, so no one else snatches it from the office refrigerator. And no Holly’s Deluxe Hot and Cozy Chocolate Orgasm is complete with out a “Muggie.” A“Muggie” is a “Snuggie” for your mug, hand knitted by your favorite coworker. Isn’t it just lovely? It even has cable knit down the sides and cute little wooden buttons. It is so nice to hold it in your hands when the mug is hot. It just feels so... cozy. Can't live with out my "Muggie."

Mug: Free
Swiss Miss Box of 8 packs: $3.00
Whip Cream: $2.00
Muggie: Free

For the price of about 2 tall Salty Caramel Hot chocolates at Starbux, I can have 8 Holly’s Deluxe Hot and Cozy Chocolate Orgasms! Granted, nothing tastes as good as Starbucks but this will have to do. Won't it? Please tell me it will? It will, right? I can live with out my Starbux can't I? Yes I can. I know I can. I can, cant I?


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