Beautiful Destiny…a father’s poem by Javier Sanchez

Look in my mirror Daddy, what do you see?
I see an amazing gift from God looking back at me
I tremble just to think of my role in your destiny
So I promise to give you the very best of me
I take that back, you’re going to get more than the best of me
Cause I’m blessed to be part of your life and your deserve no less from me
My job, my sports, my toys, my friends-they can have the rest of me
AFTER I commit my heart, mind, body and soul to invest in thee
You’re part of my legacy, not an obligation or a stress to me
You’re a privilege that goes beyond my
Spiritual, social, family or even legal responsibility
I understand that your life being placed in my hands is part of MY destiny
See I’m a Daddy, and that’s what I was placed on this planet to be
And with humility I confess, that something greater planned this for me
So from this day on, I’m treating you like royalty
I’ll celebrate not just your first words or first steps
But I’ll remember to celebrate every time you do your best
From this day on until I’m laid to rest
I promise that I’ll never ever stop being impressed
Cause if I’m not impressed, someone else will be
So I’ll add hope to your life and get really good at my RESPOND-ability
Cause if I don’t respond to you, someone else will
And that someone else’s intentions for you could be ill
So you’ll hear from me FIRST about your beauty, power, intelligence and skills
Your strength, endurance, talent, creativity
Your determination, self-discipline, sympathy and sensitivity
Your walk, your talk, your dress, your stance
Your heart, your mind, your soul, your glance
Your everything from me BEFORE anyone else has a chance
See...cause that’s my right, my delight, my responsibility
My duty, my opportunity, my pleasure
To play a small but immeasurable role
In your beautiful destiny…
-Written by Javier Sanchez


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