I've crossed another thing off my Year of Turning 40 To-do List but it is something I won't share here...tee..hee..I am sure that's got your mind racing! Anyhoo...I found this great blog written by a local girl who comes up with the most-cutest-outfits-ever from thrift store finds.  Check her out here http://thriftandshout.blogspot.com/ I have been feeling super creative latley, trying to create new outfits from the clothes I already have and wanting to redesign my whole house. Ugg...wouldn't it be nice to have a whole lotta money! I think within the next couple of weeks I'll hit the Humane Society Re-Store and Ikea. I am really looking for a good, strong craft table for my Chic Den, so I can get my crafty craft on! Meanwhile, here are some outfit inspirations from Pinterst. Feel free to follow me! (You can tell by the pics below that I really like jeans...I wish I could wear jeans everyday to work!)

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