Hello Blog Friends! It's been a while. I am embarrassed to say I misplaced my password to get into this site, so I have been unable to blog for a while. I finally reset it, so I am back!  Aren't you just so excited! I keep all my passwords in a special spot, but just hadn’t put my blog one there yet! It gets so frustrating to have to have a password for EVERYTHING! Why does Jiffy Peanut Butter need a password, for crying out loud! Just kidding, I know they need them but sometimes it just gets a little crazy. QUESTION TIME: Has anything been crazy in your life lately? I sure could go on and on...but we'll save that for another day, another blog.



04/17/2011 9:04am

Glad you are back! I try to keep all of my passwords in my phone by making a contact for each of them. Maybe this will help you. I usually don't list it exactly, just give myself clues to remember it. hth :)

Pam Duffy
04/17/2011 12:46pm

We can download movies through Amazon and watch them on our big tv. Worked great the first time. Last Saturday we selected the movie after much discussion of what we wanted to watch and again pushing the correct buttons in the correct order to even get to the Amazon site. We were settled in and ready to go when we were asked for our password. We just looked at each other and had no clue. Guess we should have written it down. Bryan had to make due with HGTV for another night!

04/17/2011 7:01pm

Good luck with everything!


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