Forgiveness is an interesting thing. It is so much more about yourself than the person you are forgiving. My parents and I have had our ups and downs...times when we weren’t speaking and the pain so warm and
friendly that anything different would have been terrifying. As I get older, I see my parents more as faulty human beings trying to figure out their way in life and isn’t that what I am? Isn’t that what we all are? To see my own
parents begin to forgive one another is also an incredible thing to witness. My heart, once pained and resentful, now is beginning to feel peace. If only I had learned sooner that forgiveness works wonders on the forgiver, maybe I would have started on it a long time ago.



11/20/2011 8:50pm sweet and wise and amazing with words. YES! Forgiveness is VERY powerful! Awesome stuff.


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