Why is it that you can't go into a Target store and walk out empty handed? For some reason, the clothes look nicer, the candy looks sweeter and the Starbucks coffee smells richer inside a Target store. For this reason, my favorite thing today is Target. I love everything in there! I went for a sports bra and came out with a supersize bag of m&m's (I know, I know!) and a crazy red, white and blue headband to where to my brother-in-law's Welcome Home from Afghanistan party. Some of my favorite things at Target are:
1. The beauty supply section. Smelly lotions, pretty nail polish and anti-aging creams.
2. The home section: Great picture frames, lamp bases, floor mats and kitchen gadgets.
3. The clearance sections: Usually hidden behind isles on the end caps. Score!

06/20/2012 3:53am

I so agree! I think I am there at least once a week. The coolest thing is my Target card. It acts like a debit card and everytime I use it I get 5% off. I thought oh big deal, but it adds up. I've saved $107 already this year!


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