I'm jonesing for Fall. It's the season I married my best friend, where I can hear Paul Keels give the play by play for OSU football, where I can put on a sweater, enjoy all of the beautiful colors and pick out a big fat pumpkin. I can admire sunflowers and mums. I always get this way mid-summer. I start dreaming of my favorite season. Thank goodness the Big 10 Network has been showing reruns of OSU games. That way I can get a small fix until Fall rolls around. And yes, I am capatilizing the word Fall, it just means that much to me that I think it deserves it. Or are you supposed to capitalize it? Maybe my teacher friends can tell me. Anyway...Fall is a great welcome-mat for the rest of the year, like a big bear hug that says the next few months will be great. The hussle and bussle of school starting in September, Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December. I love Fall...sigh. What is your favorite season?


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