Well...drum roll please...it's time for the biggest, baddest give-away EVER on Lost and Found. If you don't know already, I am a huge fan of Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. She's funny, sassy, down to earth and a great cook! You can become obsessed with her blog at www.pioneerwoman.com
Last week I had the honor of meeting her in person at her booksigning. Can you believe I waited FIVE HOURS in line? It was crazy! I had no clue it would be as crazy as it was. But is was worth it my friends, it was worth it! And now you get to benefit from my craziness! But first things first...this is Nicole and Sarah, my line-mates. Can you tell we are hot, sweaty, greasy and tired...and it's only been 2 hours at this point! Nicole (the mom) is from Germany. No, she didn't come all way from Germany for the signing, but met her American husband when he was in the military there. Her daughter, Sarah was an absolute sweetheart and kept checking on our status in line. I love meeting children who are polite, friendly and make new friends easily. By the way, Nicole gave me persmission to post their picture here.
Here's another line-mate. I thought her outfit was adorable so she let me snap her picture. She even made her own skirt that she is wearing. Everyone was so nice! There are nice people in the world! And even nice stangers that become friends!
Ree always dresses so cute! She is as friendly in person as she appears on her
blog. Down-to-earth, goofy and sweet!
A man carrying a purse for his lady. Need I say more?
This is me and Marlboro Man (Ree's husband.) When he walked in the ladies went a little crazy. He was just as quiet and kind as he is on their Food Network show. And he is certainly just as cute!
Me and Ree. I'll have you know that I told her I loved her entertainment section of her blog. She has such fun quizzes about movies and gives away awesome prizes. She said she wanted to do one soon about an actor or actress but it is hard to do it when she is on the road. I suggested Tom Hanks. Well, well, well, just a few days ago she posted a new contest with non-other than...TOM HANKS!
I'll be posting about some of the receipes in the book as I try them. And as a way to kick off more Lost and Found blog posts, more give-aways and way more fun over here on Lost and Found...here's YOUR chance to win that book that is sitting in front of Ree in the picture above. I will be giving away one autographed copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier to one lucky reader of my blog. SPECIAL BONUS: Marlboro Man also autographed his handsome picture too! I love her cookbooks because they show step-by-step pictures and have lots of fun stories about her life on the farm.  Check out this link for great pictures and more information about the cookbook http://thepioneerwoman.com/blog/2011/12/my-new-cookbook/ 
Hardbound book with a retail value of $16.82 on Amazon and I'll ship it to you for free if you win.
Autographed copy: PRICELESS! Read below on how to win.  Here's a little secret: sometimes I don't get a lot of comments left on my blog, so you might have a good chance of winning!

Simply leave a comment in the comment section of this post.
Be sure to include your email address (only seen by me) so that I can contact you if you win.

For an extra entry, share this blog post on your FACEBOOK page,
then come back here and post again that you did so.

Refer a friend and if they mention in their comment that you sent them, you get ANOTHER entry,
so spread the word!
Friday, March 30th, midnight
Winner announced:
Sunday, April 1st

Pam Duffy
03/28/2012 5:03am

I agree! She has great recipes and is so down to earth. Love her kitchen out on the ranch. Wouldn't it be fun to have your own kitchen in a separate building out in the country where you could enjoy the scenery as well as cook anything you wanted to cook?!

Joy Harris
03/28/2012 11:43am

Hi Holly! Just wanted you to know that I do follow your blog. I enjoy, but don't often take time to comment. Take care!

Kathy Bobb
03/28/2012 1:03pm

Holly, You are so creative, and bold to do this daily blog. I have read many of them, but as Joy said, I don't usually comment, just as on Facebook. I read what everyone else writes, just to keep up on everybody and their busy lives!
I have not seen Ree's show, but love collecting cookbooks and trying new recipes, as my family can attest to! Cookbooks with pictures are SO much better than so many of the recipes online, and many cookbooks in stores.
Keep up the good work, and tell Matt I said, "Hi!"

03/28/2012 1:53pm

I'll spread the word. :)

03/28/2012 4:36pm

I'll be honest I am one of the few, very few who has yet to read a Pioneer woman recipe. I have heard a lot about her, everyone I know loves her but I am still a bit in the dark. Looks like you had a ton of fun though and that everyone was really craft. I bet that long wait was much better though then being outside in the snow at the Delaware fairgrounds!

03/28/2012 4:37pm

crafty, should read everyone was really crafty.

03/28/2012 5:19pm

I LOVE cookbooks!!! (Liz Lemon sent me)

03/28/2012 5:22pm

Posted on my facebook page too!!

Julie Apsey
03/28/2012 6:39pm

I love her recipes they are so tastey. I have her first cookbook and love it. So jealous of your time with her and thankful you waited so long to give away one cookbook. By the way Misty Reed sent me here.

03/28/2012 7:42pm

Last month I listened to "The Pioneer Woman" on CD's in the car while driving to and from work and other places. What fun! I I had not heard of Ree before that. One of my current life goals is to learn to cook things I really like, so a great cookbook would come in handy!

03/29/2012 3:56am

I would love a copy of that book! :)

03/29/2012 3:59am

shared your giveaway on FB! :)

Mo Helser
03/29/2012 6:14am

I was first introduced to the amazing and hilarious PIONEER WOMAN in summer 2011. A girlfriend in WA posted her PERFECT ICED COFFEE recipe on a hot summer day in Ohio. I loved that it was cold brewed, simple and of course it is the best I have ever had. I make it through the entire winter too! I love this ladies life, personality, gumption and incredible fun and appreciation for good food! Thanks for sharing your experience in meeting her and doing this fun contest. You too are an amazing woman, Holly! Love ya! Mo

Katie Gray
03/29/2012 8:32am

I'd LOVE this cookbook!! I've been following The Pioneer Woman for awhile now and LOVE her. Thanks for posting this giveaway!
p.s. Lucky YOU for meeting her!

Trish Coe
03/29/2012 9:06am

Love pioneer woman! My menu needs overhauled!!!

03/29/2012 10:00am

I am always looking for new and easy recipes! I haven't heard of her before, but you have me intrigued. She sounds wonderful!

Alesha Walker
03/29/2012 12:49pm

A friend of mine led me to your blog. Looking forward to checking it out! Plus, I love the PW! I have her first cook book and love it!


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