Well, I am finally getting the grays covered today! What a relief! I am going to try really hard to not just chop off all of the hard work I've been doing to grow it out. Pray for me! I trust my hair dresser (miracle worker) so much. She always does an amazing job regardless of what we decide. Because of this, I can easily say to her "oh, just cut it all off" and it still looks amazing. It doesn't hurt that I really like short hair too. The Hubby doesn't like it as much and society seems to think that long hair is more sexy but I never got more compliments on my hair than when I have it short! I see so many women with long hair and they just tie it back everyday. Boring! (Did I just talk myself into cutting it off again? Oh no!) But today I am going to be strong. I can do it!  Here are some shots of my favorite hair cuts. What are your thoughts on short hair for women?

Source: squidoo.com via Holly on Pinterest


09/08/2012 2:41pm

I love short hair on the right person and the right cut. I also love long hair. I was always the girl with the long hair. Then I started cutting it as I got older because I thought that was the thing to do. I hacked it off a few times for Locks of Love, which even then it was still long. Then when I had my daughter I cut it because that was the thing to do. I would look at pics of myself and think that doesn't look like me. So now I have my signature hippie hair back. I don't do much with it, just keep it long and sometimes curl it. I think in the end you need to wear your hair they way that makes you feel you, so whether it is short hair or long hair even as you age, it's all about you.


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