Number Four:
But first, a sidebar: I realized that I was really open with this countdown and perhaps my Hubby would like to keep some things private. I sometimes forget that this blog is spread through out the blog-o-sphere and not just read by my close friends and family. This is why there was a lag time in finishing this countdown as I started to regret how much I had shared. I am pretty much an open book. I decided to be that a few years ago when dealing with Crohn's disease. You kind of leave all inhibitions behind and realize the freedom you gain by being open and honest about your life. But not everyone is like that and that's ok. I know the Hubby hasn't read this list because he hasn't said anything about it yet. So here goes...He still tells me I'm beautiful. As I turn 40 this year and have put on a few more pounds recently, he never hesitates to let me know how beautiful I am. He says it with his words and actions. If how often he slaps my rear as I walk by is any indication, then we are all good. Oops! There I go again with too much information!
Number Three:
I've decided number 3 will remain confidential.
Number Two:
And number 2 too.
Number One:
He loves me unconditionally. If you wrap up all the things in this countdown, it basically amounts to a level of unconditional love that I had never expereinced before. Basically since the day we met over 13 years ago, we have been in each other's lives without any break-ups and get back togethers that so many relationships have. Believe me, we've been on the precipice before (and that is where some of the unconditional has come in) but I think we are in it for the long haul. At least I hope so. Happy 10th Baby, I love you.
I had this custom wrap cuff made for our anniversary. It has pennies dated from each of our birth years and one from the year we got married. I have permission to share this photo from Love Crazy Designs. Reagan is the wonderful artist who makes these one of a kind cuffs. Check her out on facebook at Love Crazy Designs.

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