Well my life has been crazy lately and thats why I havent been here. I have all these great blog ideas but they just arent making it to this page. I am working on a Top 5 Peppermint Yummy Things List. Peppermint really has helped me get through the last couple of weeks. Thank you Peppermint. And thank you to my loyal readers who keep checking back in. I'll be back soon.

12/14/2011 5:49am

Loving the peppermint also! I had a peppermint hot chocolate at Bob Evans last year and thought about it all year waiting for more. My friend went there a couple days ago and said they don't have it this year :( Also I tried Mc Donald's yesterday and was quite disappointed. Basically hot water, didn't really taste the peppermint at all.

But I also had someone give me peppermint broken up in white chocolate, super yummy. I'm still planning to take you up on the idea of Ghiradelli or whichever other one you and Mo were loving.


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