Beginning in May I am going to start the Quantum Wellness Cleanse. Don't worry, this cleanse isn’t one of those crazy things where you only drink pickle juice and eat Ritz crackers or something. For 21 days, it asks that you refrain from caffeine, sugar, gluten, animal by-products (yes that includes dairy and meat) and alcohol. For the most part, these are things that aren’t really good for our bodies anyway! I am hoping this will help with my Crohns disease and give me more natural energy, as well as kick-off a more natural approach to my diet and life! The cleanse is not rigid at all, allowing for mistakes and doing only what you can and not being hard on your self. If anyone would like to get the book (I got mine at the library) and try it with me, it might be fun! Gasp! You say? That's the response I keep getting from everyone.  I tell myself if I can't
control what I put in my own body for 21 days, do I control anything in my life? Visit www.kathyfreston.com for more information on the cleanse. She does advocate for vegetarianism and veganism but I feel she is very matter of fact and non judgmental about it. Let me know what you think! It's only for 21 days!


04/20/2011 6:07pm

Hey Holly that sounds like a good idea to try but I just went shopping to start south beach on Monday which sounds similar but it has meat just no fruit with the whole no sugar thing. My doctor suggested that I cut out carbs and When I do eat them only 100% whole wheat. So I have heard good things about south beach so I am trying that but if no sucess I may try your book in the future. It is hard because Michael and Paul eat one thing and then I started trying to fix my self something different by next week I should be getting used to the idea. I will keep motivated through your post! Thanks

04/20/2011 6:46pm

I wish I could do this with you but I know myself enough to know that this is not gonna work for me. I do have 100 % faith that you can do it. GO HOLLY!


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