Can your soul hurt? I feel like mine does. Not just my heart and my mind but something much deeper within me. Is it possible?... to feel the sorrow and pain in this world running through your veins? Please don't think I'm crazy. I just feel so saddened by what is going on around me...the shootings at a movie theatre in Colorado, the mean spirited political atmosphere, the abuse scandal at Penn State, the frustration with the Catholic Church, the environment, the wars, poverty, hunger, loss and they even traded Rick Nash to the New York Rangers (sorry, I'm just needing some humor in all of this.) I really feel like my soul is in pain, as if I am too sensitive to the worlds vibrations right now. I'll be fine, I will. I just wish there was more peace in this world. Does your soul ever hurt?

07/23/2012 6:15pm

I feel ya. I try to tune out as much as possible. But there are still so many frustrating things!

07/23/2012 8:37pm

Yes, I do know that feeling of the aching soul. Its a curse and a gift to be able to feel this Holly. Curse for obvious reasons. Gift because it means that we are not hardened to the awfulness we see all around us, and therefore we are also still soft enough in our souls to feel the moving of God's spirit.

07/24/2012 9:20am

Very well said Nancy.


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