WALDO! She is such a good Mommy. She rarely leaves her nest in the hanging basket. She keeps those eggs covered and warm and chose a bright and colorful spot for her babies to be born. We can't wait to see the 2 little baby birds when they hatch. I hope they are strong and healthy. With Waldo as their Mommy, I am sure they will be fine. It is wonderful to have a front row seat to God's beauty...as I wrote that I thought...mmm...Don't we have a front row seat to His beauty everyday in everything we do? We often just don't take the time to see it.  I must think of that more often and take a moment to witness the beauty all around me in my everyday life. God bless you!

06/27/2012 7:46pm

When I was a kid we had a bird make a nest and lay eggs in our hanging basket on our porch. I would climb up on the trellis surrounding the porch and peak in on the eggs and eventually birds. They were so sweet and would automatically open their little beaks begging for a mushed up worm when you would come near the nest.

06/27/2012 8:50pm

The secret to happiness I believe is in the small things. Thanks for reminding us to stop and appreciate what really matters.


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