Check back often this week! I'll be giving away the new Pioneer Woman's Food From My Frontier cookbook, AUTOGRAPHED by Ree Drummond and Marlboro Man!

03/27/2012 5:27pm

What does one have to do to be in the running for the give-away?

Amy Blanchard
03/28/2012 8:09pm

Hi Holly,

How cool that you got to meet Ree. I know what you mean when you talk about linemates and the kindness of strangers. Even the day after Thanksgiving people are pretty amazing as you wait with them for the big TV or whatever you are wanting for Christmas. I was impressed by a group of ladies (and men) who spent the wee hours of the morning on Friday after Thanksgiving at the Walmart with my cousin Renee and I. While getting to know them, we chatted about items we wanted at Kohls after Walmart. Later, when we went to Kohls, they picked up the last remaining items for Renee (because they got their earlier). Some of the neatest people, I have actually met in lines. Congrats to you for spending 5 hours waiting for the event and how cool that Ree used your idea in her blog.

I love recipe books and hers sounds great. However, I would like to hear about your experiences making the items first on the blog. So don't bother putting me in the running for the book this time. Have a great night!


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