Sunflowers, my favorite flower, picked from my front garden.
Yes, I am struggling to keep up! I don't know how bloggers do it. Well, actually, I think I do. I think they write their posts waaayyy in advance and all at once and then post them like they write every day. Well, it's been hard for me to do that. When you read my posts, you know how I am feeling that day, at that moment. It wasn't something I felt or tried to feel 2 weeks ago. This is why sometimes there are large time gaps in between my posts. Maybe that's the curse of the passionate writer. To keep up with the blog, I may have to balance between the two. ANYWAY, enough of that...onward... This Friday is my 10 year wedding anniversary and I am shouting it from the roof tops! Not because I want lots of anniversary cards and presents hint, hint (I kid, I kid.) No, it's because marriage is damn hard and it's one of the things I am most proud of in my life. Last night at dinner my Hubby and I calculated all the people we knew who got divorced while we have been married. Famous and not so famous. The list was long. SOOO, this week I am counting down the top 10 things I love about my husband. If you don't want to read it, that's ok. I completely understand. I am also planning on doing something special for him each day, which I'll also share with you. SoOoOoO..just giving you fair warning.  wink wink.
I am so excited! I have my first ad on my blog! Check it out over there----------------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>
I have always loved Gooseberry Patch books because the recipes are tried, true and EASY! They have great tips and even heart warming stories inside. If you've never read a cook book cover to cover, you've never read a Gooseberry Patch Cook Book. I even once had a little mention in one! I thought in celebration, I would post a picture of me from last year's Country Living Fair, where I met the wonderful women behind The Patch, Vicki and Jo Ann!  I also like that they are a local Columbus area company! PS: They did not pay me to say this.
It's been a busy day today! The Hubby and I went to the Country Living Fair and had a great time!  We take the day off of work and spend some time together. We've done this for 3 years now and I look forward to it every time. On our way home, we hit a restaurant that we haven't tried or haven't been to in a while.Tommorow I have a Scentsy Open House and then Sunday I have a Scentsy party. Wish me luck! Check out the adorable collars we got for our babies at the Fair.
And one final thing before I go for the weekend...the Hubby found this on the dog-poop-bag-holder-thingy in our neighborhood. I thought it was really funny. Is anyone in need of a complimentary mustache? We have some if you do. Have a great weekend everyone! 
I know it's Wednesday, but I'm dying to tell you about something. Umm...Tim Horton's has this thing that has totally changed my mornings...like, something that is so yummy and so warm and so delightful.  It's the caramel apple bagel. Get it toasted, with butter and you'll be in like, heaven or something. Get it in the morning because by the time the afternoon rolls around they are sold old. That's it, that's all...the caramel apple bagel. If I was a cat I would purr now.
I love Goodwill. These are some goodies I found at the Polaris Goodwill yesterday.
Cute shirt for $3.29
Just in time for OSU football season, a like new hooded sweatshirt for $4.99
Another great OSU find for $3.29
Great shirt for under sweaters for only $3.29
I'm always on the look out for cute flats. These are in near perfect shape except for what looks like a doggy bite on the corner of one. Nothing a black Sharpie can't fix. $3.29
Well, I am finally getting the grays covered today! What a relief! I am going to try really hard to not just chop off all of the hard work I've been doing to grow it out. Pray for me! I trust my hair dresser (miracle worker) so much. She always does an amazing job regardless of what we decide. Because of this, I can easily say to her "oh, just cut it all off" and it still looks amazing. It doesn't hurt that I really like short hair too. The Hubby doesn't like it as much and society seems to think that long hair is more sexy but I never got more compliments on my hair than when I have it short! I see so many women with long hair and they just tie it back everyday. Boring! (Did I just talk myself into cutting it off again? Oh no!) But today I am going to be strong. I can do it!  Here are some shots of my favorite hair cuts. What are your thoughts on short hair for women?

Source: squidoo.com via Holly on Pinterest

As you all know, Fall is my favorite season. Although it is kind of early,  I just couldn't help myself.
I have to admit...Holly's Lost and Found blog is the place to be! Find out the trends, news, what's hot and what's not, right here! For example...one of my Favorite Thing Friday's post listed the Shu Eumura eyelash curler as a must have.  Then in a recent issue of In Style magazine, the exact same eye lash curler was given a Best Beauty Award! Not enough for you? Another of my Favorite Thing Friday post was about the Fifty Shades of Grey book. Ok people...It has been number one on the best seller's list forever but I posted about it first, so there! I posted about body issues and how our culture is obsessed with objectifying women. Soon after I did that post, there was an uproar about Hillary Clinton going out without make-up. If you want to know what's going on in the world, you'll find it here first! I'm just sayin! And I'll have you know, I don't even know I am doing!
Sorry it has been a while since I have posted, my friends. I feel like so much has been going on lately I haven't had time to breathe!
Waldo came back and stuck it out this time around with her new babies. There are 2 in there, but the one you can't see must take after her Momma and stay hidden in broad day light only to scare me half to death when I peak my head in.
I launched my Scentsy business! If you don't know Scentsy, you should. I absolutelyy adore these wax burners and the wax bars smell amazing! I have the burners displayed on cake stands in the left of the photo for my Open House.  I really appreciate everyone who attended and everyone who has placed an order! Visit my website for more info https://hollymuster.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Home
The Hubby and I refinanced our home. Guess we'll be here for a little while longer...still got lots to do before we move on to our dream home. Social Commentary: I have to say I really don't like big banks. You can be a customer for 15 years and they still treat you like a stranger. That's why for my business account I went to a credit union. Absolutley FREE checking...no if's and's or but's about it and the customer service was amazing.  

Source: google.com via Holly on Pinterest

No, that's not me up there silly! I wish! This picture has always been my inspiration for my short hair cut. Right now I am in desperate need of a cut and color. Holly, my hairdresser at Kenneth's at Polaris is AMAZING and does a miracle on me every time I go in. Unfortunatley, I haven't been in to see her in a while. HELP! That's what I do, it's a very bad habit, I wait until it looks so bad I can't stand it any more, and then go in. Holly is so nice about this bad habit too. It's actually very depressing because I can now view the multitude of grays that have taken over my head. I also have been trying to grow it out a little. Oh...what have I done! I need Holly on speed dial!

Source: gap.com via Holly on Pinterest

The other day I was having a  no-good-terrible-very-bad day. I called the Hubby at work and asked what I should do. He said "Go get a drink and relax a little bit." I said "Can I get a new outfit instead?" He said "sure." and I said "You're the best Hubby ever." So I went to Gap and got a classic white button up shirt.

Source: gap.com via Holly on Pinterest

And I also go this very cute short sleeved orange and tan sweater to wear over the white button down. I was happy once more. Yes, material things make me happy. I never admitted to being perfect now did I? Well, that's about it for an update. What's going on in your world?