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It was so exciting to go to the mailbox today! I had packages and packages of FREE STUFF! A bag of Tide Stain Release Tablets, a sample of liquid Tide, Colgate toothpaste, 4 coffee samples and a coupon for a FREE full size of Pantene Shampoo or conditioner. On my way home from work I stopped at Bath and Body Works and got a FREE Paris Amour™ 2 oz Body Lotion and of course had my hubby pick one up on his way home! Check out B&B Facebook page to get yours this weekend!
I love the Daisy. So simple, so pretty. I have daisies planted in the front of my house and I can see them peeping over the window cill from inside.  I promised my grandma I would name my first daughter after her, Dorothy Mae. I thought Daisy was a great nick name for Dorothy Mae. A perfect flower for "he loves me" "he loves me not." The Daisy isnt serious like the rose...just happy to be itself...a little bit country...a little bit feminine, a no nonsense kind of flower...maybe a little like me?
Pa and Ma Ingalls...Can you please adopt be like you did Albert? If any of you are Laura Ingalls fans, through the books or TV series, and you always dreamt of living the pioneer life with Laura, you will love the non-fiction book I am reading by Wendy McClure, The Wilder Life: My Adventures in the Lost World of Little House on the Pairie. She's about obsessed with Laura as I am and tells her funny journey into the depths of her Laura lunacy. From making all the food noted in the books to planning a vacation to all the historical sites (I thought I was the only one who did this?) All with a laugh out loud humor that makes for an easy yet interesting read! I always thought how wonderful it would be to have Christmas in that cozy cabin...where only the most important things and family.

Sorry this is one day late, but my favorite thing latley has been the "Shatter" for nails. It is fingernail polish that crackles and gives an interesting texture to your nail polish. It comes in all different colors but I like black and silver. Some of you may know that I went to school to do nails. So I am giving you my Manicure 101 class on the best manicure and how to use Shatter. The photographer in the pictures below is my wonderful husband.
Tip #1 
Many people wonder how to remove their nail polish, say on your feet for example, without ruining your manicure. Simply put the cotton between your fingers as close to your hand as possible.

It can be akward at first, but the more you do it the easier it gets. It really does help keep a good manicure if you are working on your pedicure.

Tip #2
Use a good polish. I love OPI. I have used it ever since I learned to do nails. It is a little expensive but they have great colors (and great names for the colors too!) They were the first ones to come up with Shatter, now alll the other brands have copied them.

Tip #3
Always start with a base coat. This is a step that can be easily skipped but you'll regret it later when your nails have turned an ugly color becuase the polish has stained them. I typically dont use a base coat on my toes though. I always have polish on them in the summer. In the winter I could care less what ugly color they are stained because no one sees them. (Except my hubby and I dont think he cares a thing about my toes!)

Tip #4
There's no need to cut your cuticles. Just keep them pushed back. You can do this after you get out of the shower and the skin is soft from the heat. I have to admit I am not a big fan on the long, narrow nails that are in style now (see Beyonce or Rihanna.) Been there, done that in the 80's and 90's! I keep my nails pretty short these days.
Apply your first coat of color. Do not go all the way down to the skin. Leave a small polish free rim around the cuticle. Polish doesnt like to stick to skin and this can make your polish flake off sooner.

Tip #5
Give the first coat a little time to dry. A hairdryer on the cool setting can help with this. Apply a second coat if you really want to see the true richness of the color shine through.

Tip #6
Before applying the Shatter, you MUST allow your 2 coats to dry. It wont work if you dont. Shatter can be difficult to work with if you arent careful. Exposure to air is what makes it work, so you have to work quickly. I would suggest you try it out a few times first. Do NOT put alot of Shatter on your brush, it will not look good. Use just a little and do not paint over and over on the nail with it, like you might with regular polish. I did one stroke on half the nail, then another stroke on the other half. Practice makes perfect!

Tip #7
Apply a top coat. This WILL make your manicure and all of your hard work last longer. It also makes a shine on the Shatter that is very nice. Always go back with a cuticle stick dipped in nail polish remover to get rid of anything left around the cuticle and fingers. This really does make the manicure look more "polished." If you ever notice, manicurists get polish all over the cuticle and fingers all the time. A good manicurist knows how to use that cuticle stick to make a manicure look flawless. YOU CAN TOO!

Tip #8
I always finish with cuticle oil. It gets rid of the dry skin around your nails and really makes the manicure shine. It also help speed up the drying process of your polish and keep your cuticles in good shape.  Tadaa! You're finished.

Here is a cool manicure I found on Pinterest. Anyone want to give it a try and let me know if it works?
This what they had to say about it..How fun!     1. Put on nail polish and let dry.  2. Dip fingernail in
alcohol-basically any will do, vodka is suggested.  3. Press a strip of
newspaper big enough to cover the whole nail on to your alcohol soaked nail.  4. 
Pull off slowly and be really impressed with yourself. 5. Paint top coat if
If your not sure why I love Golden's so much...this might explain things...

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

Ok...I am really digging this Pinterest, so I might be going blog crazy with postings! My apologies in advance!
Can I please go on vacation here? Maybe take a bath there every night and morning....and afternoon. Maybe I'll just get in the tub and never get out! By the way...I was invited by The Farm Chicks (see link to the her!) to join Pinterest. It is a pretty amazing website that allows access to the most beautiful pictures. And no worries about reposting because they automatically give credit where credit is due. Look out for some great pics on my blog now! Yippee! You dont have to see my amateur photos anymore....well maybe.  Come back tommorow to check out my "Favorite Thing Friday!"
Those of you who know me know that I love to read. I found some great "chic-lit" (not sure if I like that name but Oh well!) for you! A friend gave me the first book (then her friend gave me the second!) and I am now officially hooked! If you like books where the geeky girl underdog always gets the guy, where good southern food and sweets play an important part of the story and a touch of magic saves the day...then you'll love Sarah Anderson Allen's books. Easy, light reads that take you to fictional small towns in North Carolina. The subtle magic that teases you through her stories are what makes them so special, like books suddenly appearing on your kitchen table because you need to focus on their topic, like how-to-get-the-guy or forgiveness, or bakers who can put a feeling in the food your serving at a party because you want your guests to feel happy, sympathy or love. How about an apple tree that protects the people who live in the house that sits on its yard or wallpaper that changes according to your mood.  What are you reading this Wednesday?

"Every book I’ve written has had some element of fairytale to it." -Sarah Addison Allen

"Bewitching...a candy jar of magical characters and mystical adventures...Words such as sweet, charming, and delightful are weak accolades for such a pleasurable book." -Publisher's Weekly

"You instantly fall in love with the characters, the food and the magic. Highly recommeded for an escape from everyday life! Comforting, easy reading."  -Holly Lost and Found
Many years ago my sister sent me a card that said "Bloom where you're planted." I still have the card and love what it means. Today I was at Hobby Lobby and found this sign for $2.00 with that exact quote.  I think it was a sign (literally.) It is so hard to accept certain things in our lives. We all know that God answers prayers; we just have to accept that the answer may not be the one we wanted. This is so difficult to understand when we are struggling with something we want so bad, when others seem to have it all, when we can't make sense of our lives. are exactly where you are supposed to be. You are a child of God...and He doesn't make mistakes. This post is dedicated to my sister.