Well, let's face it...I am getting older. There's only a
few more years (literally) that I can say I am a "thirtysomething" in that
little column to the right there. I've been debating about what goals I want to
reach before I turn the big 4-0 (be out of debt for one) and what magnificant
  way I can celebrate (get a tattoo for another.) I already have a tattoo on my
  ankle...yes the proverbial location for all cute little tattoos girls get. I
  was 19 and went to a big, hairy guy who had a tattoo studio in a run down old
building in my hometown. Scary I know...but I have no diseases or infections
related to that moment in time, so I am good. I don’t regret it one bit. A
little holly leaf on my ankle. I've never met another person with one like mine.
So now, as I approach forty, I am considering getting another one. It must be as
personal as my first one...no butterfly tramp stamp or ancient foreign languages
for me. I suggested my hubby and I get one together, as we will be celebrating
our 10 year anniversary next year. No...He says. His mom has a thing about her
  children not having any piercings or tattoos. And my husband loves his mom 
(as I do) and wont consider it.
 I guess you gotta respect a man who respects his momma.
Question Time: What are your thoughts on tattoos, should I get one and
  what should it be?

A perfect day...a comfortable temperature, the sun fading in and out between puffy white clouds, a soft breeze, a visit to the dog park with a happy Golden Retriever (check out that tongue!) and a wonderful husband.
This is Ernie...a friendly, slobbery, snorting bull dog we met at the park. For some reason, we never ask the human's names...just the dog's!
Ready to go home...but not without a stop at...
Bath and Body Works. They had a great coupon today for a free Citris lotion. So I printed off 2 and both me and hubby got one. But I fell for their marketing strategies to get me in the door and bought 2 hand soaps...at 75% off! So I got 4  goodies for only $2.69 total! I love me some deals!
Question Time! What is your idea of a perfect day? I love hearing from readers of my blog!
As most of you know, Matt and I don’t have kids and probably never will. We have come to terms with this and actually are enjoying our kid-free lifestyle. How can I ever feel that I am missing out on something when I see a picture like this…
This is my niece Maddie. Simply looking at this picture brings so much joy to my life! Can you imagine what it is like spending time in person with this amazing little thing! We are blessed enough to have many nieces and nephews that we can get our kid-fix with and then send them home to their parents. Genius! Matt’s brother and his wife recently bestowed upon us another beautiful niece to spoil, which makes us now Aunt and Uncle to 13 beautiful human beings!  How
blessed our we!
Beautiful Destiny…a father’s poem by Javier Sanchez

Look in my mirror Daddy, what do you see?
I see an amazing gift from God looking back at me
I tremble just to think of my role in your destiny
So I promise to give you the very best of me
I take that back, you’re going to get more than the best of me
Cause I’m blessed to be part of your life and your deserve no less from me
My job, my sports, my toys, my friends-they can have the rest of me
AFTER I commit my heart, mind, body and soul to invest in thee
You’re part of my legacy, not an obligation or a stress to me
You’re a privilege that goes beyond my
Spiritual, social, family or even legal responsibility
I understand that your life being placed in my hands is part of MY destiny
See I’m a Daddy, and that’s what I was placed on this planet to be
And with humility I confess, that something greater planned this for me
So from this day on, I’m treating you like royalty
I’ll celebrate not just your first words or first steps
But I’ll remember to celebrate every time you do your best
From this day on until I’m laid to rest
I promise that I’ll never ever stop being impressed
Cause if I’m not impressed, someone else will be
So I’ll add hope to your life and get really good at my RESPOND-ability
Cause if I don’t respond to you, someone else will
And that someone else’s intentions for you could be ill
So you’ll hear from me FIRST about your beauty, power, intelligence and skills
Your strength, endurance, talent, creativity
Your determination, self-discipline, sympathy and sensitivity
Your walk, your talk, your dress, your stance
Your heart, your mind, your soul, your glance
Your everything from me BEFORE anyone else has a chance
See...cause that’s my right, my delight, my responsibility
My duty, my opportunity, my pleasure
To play a small but immeasurable role
In your beautiful destiny…
-Written by Javier Sanchez

I love getting a discount, using coupons and getting things for free….but I also don’t mind paying more for something if I love it, if it works or if it’s super cute (take my Vera Bradley addiction for example!) Being the freckly, pale ghost that I am and having a fear of skin cancer, aging and wrinkles, I am big on sunscreen. But who likes the stinky, sloppy, heavy lotions that are out there? I certainly don’t. I found a great powder sunscreen that doesn’t stink and is super-easy to apply. bareMinerals makes this wonderful, easy to carry in your purse product that takes just seconds to put on. Simply pull off the cap, twist the bottom and the brush comes up, then swirl where you need 30spf protection. Granted, this is not recommended for a day at the pool or beach, but it is just perfect for going to garage sales, fairs, taking a walk, or even driving. The freckles on the left side of my face are darker than the right because of all the driving I do in the sun. I simple brush on and I have protection! I also brush this on the tops of my hands, arms, shoulders, ears and neck when I know I’ll be out in the sun for a while and reapply every few hours. It works and you don’t even realize you have it on! Now for the hard part…the price…at $28.00 for .14oz, it is a little high but so worth it for those of us who don’t like the sun, burn easily and want easy application. One bottle lasted me an entire year and I used it liberally. It can be found on-line, at Sephora or the bareMinerals store at Polaris. I recently used a 20% off coupon and saved a few dollars on it. Take note youngins…all that tanning will come back to bite you when you are older. (I was a tanning bed addict back in the day!) Protect your skin at all costs!

Have you ever been out in the world and saw someone famous? It's always fun to catch a celebrity when you least expect it. You get that quick adrenaline rush and take a second look. Is that really so & so? Nahh...well maybe...yes it is!  Some of my star sightings over the years...
-Susan Lucci in a Georgetown hotel when I was on an alternative spring break in DC.
-Angela Basset was on my flight from Cape Town, South Africa to Miami...she of course in first class.
-Denise Rodman and his entourage in Vegas.
-Various Columbus Blue Jackets players out at clubs in Columbus.
I would love to hear about any unexpected star sightings you have had. Leave a post and share!

This yummy recipe was passed along to me from a coworker. When ever it is brought to a potluck it disappears so quick she started bringing 2 batches!
1 cup real mayo
1 cup shredded parmesan cheese
1/2 cup mozzarella cheese
1 can artichoke hearts-can be quartered or whole just don’t use marinated ones
1 bunch of fresh spinach-can use a bag too
1/4 tsp each of salt and pepper
1 heaping tbsp of fresh garlic from a jar
Drain artichokes and chop up; rinse spinach and chop. Combine all ingredients well and put into pie plate. Sprinkle with some paprika on top for color. Bake in middle rack of oven on 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes or until slightly brown and bubbly on top. Tip: Don't be frugal with the spinach, it should be nice and thick with spinach or it can become very greasy when you bake it.
Serve with corn chips, pita or beer bread.

Recommended reading: Bossy Pants by Tina Fey. LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY! 5 stars! I was sitting at work in the cafeteria eating lunch and reading this book crying and laughing out loud it was so funny. People were looking at me strange!