It's hard to stay focused when you have so many ideas and distractions running through your head. I have so many things I want to accomplish. I have so many things I want to express creatively. My goal is to someday make a living off of expressing myself and expressing the world's beauty. Oh where to begin!
"Decide that you want it, more than you are afraid of it."  - Bill Cosby
It's Friday
It's Friday
It's Friday

Why do I like Friday?
It means i have survived a week at work.
I can sleep until my eyes wake me up, not my alarm.
I can stay up late tonight if I want to.
I get my weekly People magazine in the mail and can read it cover to cover.
I can take a deep breath and sigh.

Happy Valentine's Day! Get some love from Kid President and Lennon and Maisy above then listen to these angels (Lennon and Maisy) sing below.
Learn more about them on Facebook:!/lennonandmaisystella?fref=ts 
or their website
I've been watching a lot of Kid President since I have been sick with the stomach flu. What a great sense of hope, comedic relief and inspiration in our crazy world today! Here is another video from him about how and why he got started. It makes me love him even more knowing how happy he is even though he faces difficulties. It give me strength and encouragement to deal with my Be sure to follow Kid President on Facebook!/KidPresident?fref=ts
You can also follow him on his website
Kid President is blowing up all over the place. This is his most popular video but he makes other ones that are just as adorable. You can follow him on Facebook at:!/KidPresident?fref=ts
One of the greatest inventions has to be Kleenex with the lotion and aloe on it. When you have a cold, it's the next best thing to heaven. My nose would like to thank Kleenex for providing me some relief. It really is my favorite thing right now. When you have a cold, do you have a favorite thing that makes you feel better? Is it chicken soup? Your favorite blanket from childhood? A particular brand of cough drops?