We recently started a book club at my work and I am super excited. I have never been in one officially and am looking forward to having people to talk to that love books as much as I do! Our new book is Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. I talked about this book before in a previous post but thought I would mention it again. If you are looking for a light and fun read be sure to pick up any of her books! Click on the link under the picture to be taken to Ms. Allen's webpage to learn more about her and her books! PS: I finished last week's What I am Reading Wednesday's "Tell the Wolves I'm Home" by Carol Rifka Brunt. I highly recommend it! A young girl comes of age during the 80's and the AIDS epidemic, grieving her favorite uncle who dies from the disease while learning about her own strength and spirit. This might be my book choice for my month of the book club.
You must see this movie. Based on the true story of the the Belon family, it is impossible that this family survived the tsunami of 2004 in Thailand. Riveting, emotional, inspiring. Pure luck (or pure divine intervention?) led this family back to one another after being hit with a wall of "death" as mom Marie has described it. The break out star is Tom Holland, who plays Lucas, the oldest son, although all of the actors who play the Belon children in the movie are amazing, he grows up before your eyes in the most defining moment of their lives. Receiving rave reviews and many award nominations and wins, The Impossible is a must see, just bring a box of Kleenex.
Ever since I was a kid, I have been addicted to houses. I remember when it was such a treat to get a new pad of graph paper, new mechanical pencils and a home plan magazine. I would draw and design for hours! I still love looking through those magazines and picture myself walking through those homes. I love going to open houses. I wanted to be an architect or interior designer. I even visited an architect for career day in middle school. Once I realized I was terrible at math, the achitect thing went out the window! I still love designing. Recently I realized I am not alone with this obsession. There are two wonderful blogs you must follow if you love houses as much as I do...
Hooked on Houses by Julia is so much fun! She visits houses from movies, has really funny home listing blooper pictures and gives you tours of some amazing homes. Recently she took us on a tour of the house from This is  40 and Knocked up. Take a gander at 
And thanks to Hooked on Houses I found one of my favorite blogs to date...Talk of the House by Kelly. This women is so talented! I just love her home. I started pinning on Pinterest like crazy as soon as I found it. She is really amazing at responding to her readers too. I was so shocked and delighted when she wrote me back after I sent her a comment.  I strive to be like her when it comes to blogging and designing! You must check it out!
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I just started this book and so far so good. A young girl is growing up in the 80's dealing with her favorite uncle's death from AIDS. The title and beautiful cover are what originally caught my eye but the content now has me drawn in. What are you reading right now?
I've been on a little vacay from the blog. It has been a busy time for me the last few months. One major thing is that I turned 40! Wow! This last year I decided to own it! I accomplished many things on "My Year of Turning 40 Bucket List." One very special thing was that I celebrated by throwing a party for the women who have been an inspiration in my life. It felt so good to let them know how much I care for them and what they mean to me. I wrote something special for each one of them and read it  out loud in between streams of tears. Take a moment to let the people you love know it. Not everyone get's to turn 40, so own it!